Lytics is a customer data platform (CDP) that can create audiences (groups of customers based on specific criteria's) in real-time and making sure the customers get content that fits them. This can be used to create targeted campaigns based on the customers behaviour.


Utilize customer data

With Cloud Connect the analytical team gets tools to easy and effectively connect your data to the rest of the MarTech stack.

Turbocharge your current skill sets and capabilities by enabling secure, compliant, and easy data queries, to enable marketers with richer audience segmentation.

With 360-degree customer profiles you can understand not only who your customer is, but also what drives their buying decisions.
Get real-time insights

Utilize first-party data insights, to create a better experience tailored to the customers behavior.

Receiving continuous and instantaneous data from your business allows you to make quick, informed decisions on the fly.
Activate marketing channels

When you're dealing with dynamic data streams with large numbers of variables and information, you can process this data and form useful insights that can be used to make critical business decisions.

This lets you keep a pulse on your company, understand how your business is operating at any moment in time, and use these insights to grow your business further.


Real-time Behaviour data

Lytics pulls data and updates customer profiles in real-time, so they'll always receive the appropriate experience on your website, in your social channels, and with display ads.

Give every B2B buyer a VIP experience. Tailor your outreach to each specific buyer - from targeting their role and buyer persona, to understanding their unique business needs and meeting them where they are in the buying process.

With real-time data streaming, your business can quickly identify threats and flag risks before they become a problem, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run.
Behavioral scoring

Lytics gives you the unique data insights you need to create comprehensive customer profiles and personalized experiences for every buyer.

With 360-degree customer profiles you can understand not only who your customer is, but also what drives their buying decisions.

Lytics provides adaptive digital marketing and offers a marketing activation platform that integrates all touch points and surfaces behaviors of customers and prospects to recommend how to best target audiences across Web, mobile, email, and social channels.
Automate decision making with AI

You don't need all the data to know your customers. Your customers are giving you the right data when they tap, click, scroll, and engage with your digital assets. Use these data to give them what they want.

The machine-learning decision engine gives your marketing team the insights they need to deliver personalized marketing experiences in real time through your digital channels.

Lytics bridges the gap between your data and your activation channels - your website, your mobile application, your ads, social media, and emails. It applies its machine learning capabilities to your data, focusing specifically on the first-party behavioral data that underlies most customer actions, and derives insights from them.


Jobs and LQL
The data can be added to a customer in several ways. One way is to import data using an import job, it collects the main customer data automatically in the given time range or when new data is available.
User info
When data is added to the streams it is also added to the user profiles. Here we get a comprehensive view of the customer that goes beyond basic demographic data, combining data from multiple sources in one place.
When data has been added and user profiles are created, you can start to create audiences to group customers based on a set of fields. For example, creating an audience of customers that has visited your webpage within the last 3 days. This audience can then be exported into a platform that can provide customised campaigns for the customers, such as emails or banners.
Webhooks and API
To use the audiences and combined information of the customer, the data can be exported automatically or manually. Jobs can also be used to export the live data and webhooks can monitor the audiences and streams. One-time exports can also be created to get data on certain customers.

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