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Working Minds' goal is to be a technology partner in selected enterprise platforms in the MarTech stack. As a partner we want to provide the best solutions possible, while being honest and focused on understanding the needs of our customers. We want to connect data and the end user, by developing a data strategy with real operational and measurable projects. Focus is a must-win battle. In order to be the best, our strategy is to focus on specific platforms.

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Who are Working Minds?

Working Minds is a MarTech company established in June 2019 as part of the SPRING family. We are a joint venture between some of the market's most experienced MarTech specialists and Zupa, tapping directly into a growing demand for technically sound and creatively powerful marketing automation solutions. Our primary focus is data integration and implementation in Oracle Responsys.

We are 300 people in the SPRING family providing brand and marketing strategy, Creative and conceptual development, Content creation and implementation, UX, Digital production, Graphic production, Motion, 3D and country/language adaption and versioning.

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